Passion. This is the first thing I associate my cello with. It is not just a musical instrument that many people tend to mistake for something else. Whether recording in the studio or playing on the street or park just for fun, the music will be nothing without the feeling I put into it. Being free is a great concept that may people understand in one way or another. But once you believe you have achieved your freedom, you should enjoy it with your full passion in order for it to make sense and turn into something really beautiful. And priceless!


The entirely customizable, double GBS high-performance chest zip model with full internal taping for all brave girls who do not mind a little cold water flush. Extreme stretch, cosy warmth and excellent fit will help you enjoy the ride for longer. In addition, you can be the actual designer of all that by selecting your own colours, print and much more.


Paralel Orange

Available thickness: 5/4, 5/4/3, 4/3, 3/3 and 3/2