If you see the photos next to my words, you will have the right to suggest that the juggling is my inspiration and passion… and actually, you will be right but not right enough...

The juggling as a sport is not my personality but juggling as an art is truly combinations of all things that I love and do!

You can manipulate one ball to stay or move in whatever direction that you want - hah, we discovered one of my passions - movie and theatre directing, all of it only in this unique movement. But if I get six balls and draw different compositions and perspectives - here is another discovery… the second of my passions - scenography and art!

Maybe this description makes everything clear or maybe not?!

It will be enough to say that juggling as an art is my source of inspiration, power, my real personality!

If you're interested of what is hidden between the objects in the air - just slow your breath, cross your fingers and smell the freedom..!

I will be a liar if I say that only the juggling is freedom! The art is freedom, isn't it!


Ultra-strong model for medium cold and warm water. The perfect choice for all who prefer to go in the water with another pair of skin even in the warmer days or for those who do not fear cold and treasure their flexibility while in the water.



Available thickness: 3/2, 2/2, 2/1