Everyone has his own way of expressing and sharing what is inside his soul. Taking the brush is like walking in the open Universe – a vast amount of opportunities, places, and stuff to see and experience – limitless. Adding some fresh and bright colours to this amazing trip makes it even more beautiful.

I love drawing because it makes me feel completely free of any rules and restrictions. I just let my mind go and the painting just comes up naturally. This is my freedom

Each colour is a new emotion, feeling, memory. And each leaves its mark - one way or another.


The entirely customizable, double GBS high-performance chest zip model with full internal taping for all brave girls who do not mind a little cold water flush. Extreme stretch, cosy warmth and excellent fit will help you enjoy the ride for longer. In addition, you can be the actual designer of all that by selecting your own colours, print and much more.



Available thickness: 5/4, 5/4/3, 4/3, 3/3 and 3/2